• Agate Doors

    In collaboration with BE Architecture, Adadaz designed & fabricated entryways using agate.

  • Deakin University

    Adadaz worked with Six Degress to create striking new contemporary look at Waurn Ponds Campus.

  • Leadlight Design

    We can create custom designs in any style, size and colour to suit your requirements.

  • Painted Glass windows

    Painted glass windows can add a spectacular feature to your home or business.

Established in 1988, Adadaz Leadlights undertakes all facets of leadlighting
including design, etching, stained glass, restorations, repairs & installations

The applications of modern leadlighting are unlimited, from decorative residential windows
to commercial signage, skylights & light fittings, doors, hospitality design and more!

  • Light fittings & Skylights

    Stained or Leaded glass can also be used in light fittings and skylights. The team at Adadaz can design and manufacture light fittings or skylights along with the necessary steel framework in any design style. We work closely with metal fabricators to ensure the desired result is achieved. Read more

  • Edwardian Leadlights

    The Edwardian or Federation style leadlight is most commonly found in houses built from 1901 to 1915. This style draws heavily on an Art Nouveau influence using plant and flower inspired motifs in conjunction with flowing, sinuous curves. Read more

  • Contemporary Leadlights

    Over the last decade, glass art has generated a wider consciousness of its potential as a powerful art form that has the capacity to truly transform environments. View the galleries more info. Read more

  • Victorian Leadlights

    The Victorian Era spanned from 1837 to 1901 and during that time many art movements influenced the design of windows. 
The Gothic Revival led by A.W. N. Pugin in the late 1830s and The Arts and Crafts movement led by John Ruskin and William Morris in the 1860s were two important influences during this era. Read more

  • Art Deco Leadlights

    Art Deco is a style most commonly found in home of the Inter-War Era (1919-1939). This style is characterised by the use of clear textured glasses, little or no coloured glass and beveled glass. Read more

  • Glass Etching

    Etching or Sandblasting is a process where the surface of the glass is masked off with a resist, the design drawn and cut and exposed glass surface is then sandblasted to create a frosted surface on either clear or coloured glass. Read more

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Featured Projects

  • deakin1

    Deakin University Waurn Ponds

    Adadaz and glass designer Tony Hall worked closely with the renowned Melbourne architects Six Degrees to create a vibrant, contemporary look using traditional leaded glass and modern laminating technology.

  • Flags01

    Flags of the World

    The flags of over a hundred nations can be seen in this installation on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

  • Deakin01i

    Deakin University Burwood

    The modern designs incorporate fragments of 19th and early 20th century glass from English churches.

  • Agate-6

    Agate Doors

    In collaboration with BE Architecture Adadaz designed and fabricated two front door entryways using agate.

  • GTV05

    City of Yarra Community Centre

    The design uses clear textured glass as a background and features the use of reclaimed etched glass and vibrantly coloured modern glass set in black steel frames.

  • HNF02

    Harry & Frankie, Port Melbourne

    This modern take on an Art Deco window features a central logo from which concertinas out a bold pattern of coloured and clear textured glass.

  • church02

    Victorian Stairwell Restoration

    This grand Victorian stairwell window c.1872 had suffered over the years from neglect and the hailstorm of 2010 was the last straw. Adadaz faithfully restored the window to it's former glory.

  • LF04

    Light fittings & skylights

    Stained or Leaded glass can also be used in light fittings and skylights. Art Deco and Contemporary leadlight styles are particularly well suited to lighting and skylight designs.

  • blog

    Art Deco windows

    The brief for this job was to create an Art Deco style window to screen the view of the neighbour’s fence.

  • painted-01-lr

    Painted Glass windows

    Painted glass windows can add a spectacular feature to your home or business.

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