Leadlight Styles

When renovating, replacing or simply beautifying, the work of a skilled
leadlighting craftsman will greatly add to the value and beauty of your property















The size, shape, colour and detail of leadlighting is unlimited

Leadlights can be incorporated to residential and commercial properties in the form of windows, lighting, feature walls, signage and more.

Our work is diverse and has involved many interesting projects from bars and shopfronts to  unique residential developments.

The vast range of techniques and styles allows you to create a feature that fits with your style and requirements.

All our design and construction work is done at our Hawthorn workshop, using traditional methods and quality materials. When restoring and building we also have access to original 1800 / 1900’s glass supplies and materials, ensuring the integrity of these ‘timepieces’ for many years to come.

We’ve outlined only a few ‘common’ leadlighting applications on our site. If you have something in mind that is not mentioned here, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Original designs are our specialty.

Leadlights Melbourne

American Victorian

The American Victorian style features the use of clear textured glasses, little or no coloured glass and beveled glass as found in Art Deco windows but combines these with the flowing, sinuous curves of the Art Nouveau period. View American Victorian examples.


The Edwardian or Federation style leadlight is most commonly found in houses built from 1901 to 1915. The Edwardian style draws heavily on an Art Nouveau influence using plant and flower inspired motifs in conjunction with flowing, sinuous curves. View Edwardian examples.


Victorian windows often featured hand painted and stained glass. This may be found in the borders as decorative scrollwork or as feature of the window depicting birds, flowers or in grander windows, figures clad in classical or medieval dress. View American Victorian examples.

Art Deco

Straight, horizontal and verticals lines are all used in conjunction with curves to create decorative panels. Different glass textures emphasise certain elements, along with the different thicknesses of lead used. View Art Deco examples or see one of our Art Deco projects.

Contemporary Leadlights

Over the last decade glass art has generated a wider consciousness of its potential as a powerful art form that has the capacity to truly transform environments. View Contemporary Leadlight  examples or see one of our Contemporary projects.

Adadaz Leadlights Melbourne

Etching and Sandblasting

Etching or Sandblasting is a process where the surface of the glass is masked off with a resist, the design drawn and cut and exposed glass surface is then sandblasted to create a frosted surface on either clear or coloured glass. View more Sandblasting and Etching examples.


A wide variety of subject matter can be depicted using a palette of various glass colours and textures. Speak to our experienced staff about your requirements. View more Figurative leadlighting examples.